Corporate principles



The high standards to which our company is committed are reflected in everything we do, from the selection of raw materials through to the finished product. Our strength is our combination of product quality and outstanding service. TYROLIT customers and partners around the world can rely on this.



Daniel Swarovski laid the foundations for our innovative spirit and entrepreneurship in 1895. Today, we harness our creative potential and know-how to carry his pioneering work forward into a new age and rise to new challenges. We develop ideas and visions recognising exactly what they can bring to our company. Innovative processes accompany every stage of our operation, giving us the competitive advantage that enables us to succeed.

Company commitment


Through the way they think and act, the family owning the business, every employee and our stakeholders bear social, environmental and economic responsibility. We expect everyone to be creative, innovative, bold yet self critical, responsible and sensible in the ways they think and act to enable us to achieve our long-term corporate goals.

Customer relations


We see our relationship with our customers as a long-term partnership with a win-win outcome. Our high-quality product range and long-standing application engineering expertise are the key factors for shared success. Close cooperation with our customers leads to strategic developments and lasting benefits for both parties. Our worldwide production and sales network, and global logistics make us a competent partner for our global customers.

Social and environmental responsibility


There is a direct correlation between the welfare of TYROLIT and the welfare of its employees and partners, as well as our environment. For this reason, supporting the interests, needs and satisfaction of all those involved is deeply rooted in our corporate culture. From the use of clean energy and environmentally friendly raw materials, to the development of the latest manufacturing techniques and the creation of a pleasant working environment that provides ample space for health and development. TYROLIT will also spend an above-average amount in the years ahead to ensure this responsibility is fulfilled.